abs materials v type industrial safety helmet

abs materials v type industrial safety helmet

abs safety helmets are made of quality acrylonitrile butadiene styrene a common thermoplastic material with excellent impact resistance and toughness. comparing with fiberglass safety helmets this one is easier to manufacture only by injection molding which can bring you a considerable cost saving.

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featuresmanufactured from quality and tough abs material. excellent impact resistance that will not fall off rapidly at lower temperature. large temperature range from -20degc to 80degc. with great resistance against acids alkali concentrated hydrochloric alcohols and oils etc. largest front area for any industrial logos. electrical insulated and anti-static.

details colorwhite yellow orange blue light blue red black and gray etc. peak20mm to 40mm. size51cm to 64cm. shellquality abs shell. cradle4 6 or 8 point terylene webbing. headbandlow density polyethylene headband. sweatbandcomfortable hydro-flock sweatband. visormoulded 2mm pc visor with anti-scratch and anti-fog coating.

typesvarious types of abs safety helmets in a wide range of rib types sizes colors and vents can be supplied by our company aspecialist for manufacturing and exporting safety helmets.

over spectacles on the helmet abs-13 are adjustable anti-scratch and anti-fog to provide enhanced durability as well as visibility. it makes the helmet suitable for oil gas and nuclear industries power plants and various appliions.

safety helmet abs-14 features complete with forestry nylon mesh visor and optional ear defender to maximum protection against falling objects and flying sawdust. as a complete safety helmet for forestry work abs-14 is lightweight strong comfortable and popular with foresters. additionally over spectacles can also be fastened to this helmet as your request.

safety helmet abs-15 is very similar to abs-14 but with a strong abs face shield with excellent impact resistance.

storageabs safety helmets are recommended to be transported in their original packages. recommended to be stored in the dark placed at ambient temperature ranging form 0degc to 30degc. do not store abs safety helmets at a high temperature or in the sunlight directly which may cause the distortion of the shell. not recommended to contact with glacial acetic acid aromatic hydrocarbons carbon tetrachloride concentrated sulfuric nitric acids esters ketone ethylene dichloride and acetone etc. utilizing warm soapy water and soft cloth to clean safety helmets. not recommended to use solvent and abrasive to clean them.

cleaningutilizing warm soapy water and soft cloth to clean safety helmets. not recommended to use solvent and abrasive to clean them.