fiberglass safety helmet with front metal plate to grasp lamp

fiberglass safety helmet with front metal plate to grasp lamp

fiberglass safety helmets are made of frp also known as fiberglass reinforced plastic a lightweight strong and robust material that can withstand radiant temperature up to 500℃. formed by molding process the fiberglass safety helmets are easy to manufacture and far less brittle.

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typesfiberglass safety helmets are available in various designs and sizes for different appliions. normally they can be manufactured with different brims vents and ribs .

designsthis fiberglass safety helmet is designed with front metal plate to grasp lamp.


quality yet lightweight frp materials about eight times stronger than hdpe safety helmets.

excellent electrical isolation and resistance against heat corrosion acids alkali and oil.

adjustable ratchet headband brush nylon sweatband and 4 6 or 8 point terylene cradle make the helmet more comfortable.

environmental friendly as the materials is recyclable.

capable to withstand rugged and extreme environments.

injection moulded with attractive appearance and a permanent no-clip and no-peel finish.

long service time up to 5 years.

ideal for mineral petrol metal industries and other appliions with a risk form high radiant heat.

detailsshell frp fiberglass reinforced plastic.

cradle 4 6 or 8 point terylene webbing.

headband adjustable ratchet ldpe headband.

sweatband brush nylon with 2mm foam.

color red yellow orange blue black and any custom color.

size 51 to 64 cm.

standards en 397 gost 12.4.207-99 ansi/isea z89.1-2009 class g


fiberglass safety helmets are recommended to be transported in their original packages.

recommended to be stored in the dark placed at ambient temperature ranging form 0℃ to 30℃.

do not store fiberglass safety helmets at a high temperature or in the sunlight directly which may cause the distortion of the shell.

cleaningutilizing warm soapy water and soft cloth to clean fiberglass safety helmet.

not recommended to use solvent and abrasive to clean them.