heat resistant silicone insulated cables

heat resistant silicone insulated cables

the product is applied to movable or fixed laying with ac rated voltage of 300/500v and below. it has quite high thermal stability can keep good earth electricity and softness in high-temperature occasions and is applied to special occasions having movable and temperature-resistant requirements such as metallurgy electricity and petrochemical.

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executive standard

gb/t 5013.3-2008equal to the standard of iec 60245-31994and company standard.

working conditions

1.rated voltage u0/u 300/500v

2. the max permissible working temperature of cable conductor is 180℃. the max duration in case of short circuit is not beyond 5s and the max temperature doesnt exceed 350℃

3.ambient temperature when laying -25℃ or higher.

4. the bending radius of cable should not be less than 10 times of cable diameter

type description and appliion occasion

type description appliion 60245iec03yg heat resistant silicone insulated cables for a variety of mobile or fixed laying temperature and other special requirements of the occasion

production scope

type number of cores conductor nominal section /mm2 yg 1 0.5-16


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