medium chrome alloyed ball mill liner plate

medium chrome alloyed ball mill liner plate

medium chrome alloyed ball mill liner plate is widely used in mining building materials coal industries as wear-resistant parts.

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middle chromium alloyed casting iron in general refers to the alloy white iron with the chromium content at 4 6 the carbon content at 2.1 3.2. its distinctive features is that the m7c3 type eutectic carbide micro hardness is hv1300 1800. the eutectic carbide is distributed on the base martensitethe most hard metal matrix organization in discontinuous network and isolation which reduces the fragmentation of the matrix effect. as a result the middle chromium ball mill liner has high strength strong toughness and good wear resistance performance which represents the higher level of metal wear resistant materials.

processing technique

intermediate frequency furnace smelting high-quality steel scrap and chromium alloy etc.

constant temperature casting process ensuring the quality no sonim no pore etc.

oil-immersed heat treatment and annealing process changing the internal organizational structure lowering the breakage and improving the performance.

matter test after the furnace test semi-finished products and end products inspection was done by advanced spectrometer and durometer.

chemical elements


chemical elements

c si mn cr mo cu p s medium cr liner 2.1-2.8 0.46 0.6-1.0 4-5 le0.8 le1.2 0.068 0.052

physical property and microstructure

name hrc akj/cm2 microstructure medium cr liner ge45 ge10 mc

m-martensite c-carbide




liner lengthmm

le40 ge40 le250 ge250 tolerance 2




2 3

note any need to adjust the chemical elements or add alloying element it would be agreed with contract.