medium flexible cables and cords

medium flexible cables and cords

the product is applied to household appliances electric tools and various portable electric devices with ac rated voltage of below 300/500v.

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executive standard

gb/t 5013.4-2008equal to the standard of iec 60245-42011

working conditions

1.rated voltage u0/u 300/500v

2.the max permissible working temperature of cable conductor is 60℃

3.the w-type cable has weather-resistance and certain oil resistance and is used outdoors or places where the cable must be contacted with oil.

type description and appliion occasion

type description appliion 60245 iec 53yz common strength rubber sleeve soft cable applied to light portable electric devices and tools 60245 iec 57yzw common neoprene or other similar synthetic elastic rubber soft cable applied to various portable electric devices and tools

production scope

type number of cores conductor nominal section /mm2 60245 iec 53yz

60245 iec 57yzw

234315 0.752.5


product line