pp pipe for water drainage

pp pipe for water drainage

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feature of pp production the polypropylene pipeline system for water drainage has the excellent advantages of lightweight innocuous anticorrosion long lifespan high concussion resistant etc. the characters of polypropylene super silencing drainage pipe superior silencing performance strong chemical anticorrosion excellent high temperature resistance good resistance to impact strength

advanced way of flexible connection sealed rubber ring inserting connection easily fix and disassemble.good nature of flexibility and sealing do not need adapter fittings.furthermore avoid that noise transferred to next fittings when running water rush wall of pipe. good capability of environment protection avoiding environment pollution because of in-noxious capability do not need connection glue and pvc-u connection glue is harmful last for 15 years. strong capability of anti-earthquake satisfy the requirement of transverse and upright moving or distortion for building. long lifespan it can be used more than 50 years do not need to maintenance.

appliion area 1. pollution and waste water sewerage in construction house wind raining sewerage. 2. school.office building student apartment hospital nursing home. 3. hotel restaurant embassy villa high level house building. 4. high temperature waste water sewerage in spring project change item family decoration industrial building and so on. comparison between pp super silencing sewerage and other plastic pipe there are three sources about the noise in sewerage pipe 1. water stream impact the wall of pipe so cause the vibration of pipe. 2. water stream could cause air squeeze fast 3. water fluent inside of the pipe.

pipe performance physical and mechanical properties

item requirement longitudinal retraction rate 150plusmn2degc le2pipe should list air bubbleno crack melt flow rate mfr 2.16kg230degcg/10min mfrle3.0 discrepancy between pipe and fittings mfr and raw material granules mfr should not be exceeded 0.4 fitting oven heating experiment150plusmn2degc30min no delamination no crackno air bubble

system adaptability

item requirement water leak tightness no leakage gas sealing no leakage temperature cycle no leakage before and after experiment dnle50mutationle3mm dn50nutationle0.05dn