pvc pipe for water supply

pvc pipe for water supply

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product introduction of pvc-u water supply pipelines 1. brief introduction properties of pvc-u water supply pipelines alight weight weight in unit length is only 1/6 of the cast-iron pipes. bhigh strength tensile strength comes to above 45mpa. cless resistance wall of the inner layer is smooth prevents scum buildup.the water pressure and discharge of pvc-u pipe is 30 lower than cast pipes in the same diameter and it can save the cost of discharge power. dcorrosion resistance it has the excellent resistance to the corrosion caused by acid alkaline chemical and electricity.stains will not occur. esimple installation connect easily with rubber rings.it is easy to carry out and seals well. flong lifespan under the normal working pressure the lifespan reaches to 50 years. gsanitary and non-toxic it accords with the drinking water standard the water is conveyed without secondary pollution. hlow cost with lower cost of installation transportation and raw material the total cost of the whole engineering makes the cost 30 lower than cast pipes.

2.major technical indiors of pvc-u water supply pipeline

item technical index test method density 1350-1460kg/m3 density measured in terms of gb1033 vicar softening temperature ge80℃ vi softening temperature measured in terms of gb8802 vertical shrinkage tate le45℃ vertical shrinkage rate measured in terms of gb6671.1 ch2c12 inners test15℃15min no change on the surface ch2c12 immersion test measured in terms of gb/t13526